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Used plastic pyrolysis to oil plant with catalytic tower

Item No.: DL2475
Type: Horizontal rotation batch type
Capacity: 10 TPD
Warranty: 1 Year
Specification: 2400*7500*16mm
Product Details

1.Feeding the  tire pieces into the furnace

2.Heating the furnace with the temperature up to 280-340 centigrade, the tire will be cracked

3.The generated oil gas will go through the pipe to catalyst tower.

4.The performance of the oil gas will be changed by catalyst in the catalyst tower

5.Then the gas goes through the condensers, cooling water tank and fractionation tower

6.The final output oil will be fuel oil and gasoline, with the specification of the fuel oil

  • Density:0.85

  • Condensation point:0°c

  • Flash point:40°c

  • Kinematic viscosity:(40°c) ,2.5 mm2/s

  • Fuel value: 9600 Kcal

7. the sepecification of thetire recyclingmachinewith10 tons capacity

1) the raw material of the machine: Q345B    Q235B

2) thickness of the reactor:16mm

3) size of the reactor(diameter*lengh):2400*7500mm

4) capacity:8tons

5) the extraction rate of oil: 40-45%/

6) the rate of crude carbon:30-35%

7) the steel wire output:15-20%

8) feedstock: tire

9) power source request for the whole factory: 380v,50kw

10) power consumption for one batch:20kw

11) machine land request: 100 square meters

12) land request for the whole factory:700 square meters

13) the highest temperature: 450 Celsius degree

14) horizontal rotation cracking host processor
15) feeding system
16) pressure, temperature alarm system
17) with catalytic tower
18) automatic slag system
19) central electronic control system
tank cooling system and condensers
21) gas heating system (exhaust gas treatment system)
22) smoke desulphurization and dust removal system


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