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Waste oil recycling equipment without pollution

Item No.: WL22
Type: Kettle Type
Capacity: 15 Tons
Warranty: 1 Year
Specification: 2200*4500*16mm
Product Details

1.The parts: Kettle-type reactor, distillation tower, catalytic reaction,fractionating column, condenser, oil-water separator, gas-oil separator, oil purifier, storage area, and output oil tank.

2.The raw material: used engine oil (waste mineral oil), waste rubber oil, residue oil, heavy oil, 180# diesel oil.  

3.Model NO.: QY WL-22                      

Furnace: (diameter*length): 2300mm * 5200mm                      

Capacity: 15 Tons (The quantity of raw materials you can put into the furnace per time.)

Superior Oil Quantity: 10.5 Tons per furnace (It takes 38 hours for one circle)    

4.   General Configuration:

  • Four reactors are made of Q345R with the size 2200*5400*16mm (diameter*length*thickness)

  • Four distillation columns are made of Q 345R with the size 800*5400*8mm (diameter*length*thickness)

  • Two sets of condensers

  • One set of cooling water tank

  • Two pieces of oil-water tank

  • Two pieces of Oil gas distributor

  • One set of catalytic reaction is made of Q 345R with the size 1100*6000*8mm (diameter*length*thickness)

5.Reprocessing system:  

  • Filter: (vulcanizing boiler and agitator tank) four pieces with the size 2400*3500mm

  • A set of air compressor and hold-up vessel with the size 3 m3

  • A set of high-accuracy filter

  • A piece of chemical products tank with the size 15 m3

6. The crude oil and output oil tank will be prepared by owner or be supplied by us with the extra payment.

7. The construction of the factory

  • Land needed: 2500-3000 m2

  • Should have three phase sources

  • Convenient traffic

  • Water source

  • Away from residential area more than 1000m


1) The extracting rate is based on the waste oil, if the oil content of the waste oil is higher, the extracting rate will be much higher relatively.

2) A whole set of our equipment contains 4 oil tanks, and they work continuously, which means when the first oil furnace begins to generate oil gas, the second oil furnace starts to run taking the oil gas generated by the first oil furnace as fuel, and when the second oil furnace begins to generate oil gas, the third one starts to run taking the oil gas generated by the second furnace, the rest can be deduced by analogy. So when the complete process is finished (here we take Model QY WL-22 as an example), which takes you 38 hours, the superior oil you can get from the waste oil is about: 10.5Tons/Tank × 4 Tanks = 42 Tons. Simply speaking, you can get 42 Tons in 38 hours.


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