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waste tire and plastic recycling to fuel oil  machine (18)_副本

Item No.: DL2470
Type: Horizontal rotation batch type
Capacity: 9 TPD
Warranty: 1 Year
Specification: 2400*7000*16mm
Product Details

main technical characteristics of the Tire and plastic recycling machine :

1, the results of key equipment cracking processor dual-driven rotating horizontal structure, the second catalytic pyrolysis processes and products of chemical extraction techniques. By using new style of catalyst formulations, to brighten the color and reduce the odor of the product.
The device designed, advanced manufacturing technology, high degree of automation, security, fully equipped.
2, the latest series of equipment components:
a. horizontal rotation cracking host processor.
b. feeding system
c. pressure, temperature alarm system
d. the second catalytic tower
e. automatic slag system
f. central electronic control system
g. tank cooling system
h. gas heating system (exhaust gas treatment system).
i. smoke desulphurization and dust removal system.
3, safety and environmental protection
For the waste treatment from the processing system:
(1) Exhaust: producers of raw materials in the process will produce some non-liquefied gas is the main component C1 to C4 hydrocarbons,
Safety devices and gas through the nozzle seal combustion, which eliminates the air pollution, and saves a lot of fuel;
The use of desulfurization precipitator dust emissions, dust emissions can be related to GB 13271-2001 standard.
(2) waste liquid
Oil in the process, will produce some weak acid waste water (to produce 1 ton of oil will produce about 30 kg water, the amount is small, easy to handle).
By adding a weak solution and, after reduction, the neutral water through three filters, achieve clear, then used as the cooling water recycling use in the sytem..
(3) Waste solids
By using catalytic pyrolysis method, there would be some of the solid residue, about 5% to 10% by weight of waste plastics.
Its main component is a coarse carbon black. Can be used as raw material for production of industrial carbon black, coal can also be generated by thermal power plants as raw materials of coal ash mixed with carbon black ash for manufacturing bricks (an environment-friendly building materials) and raw materials.
As the ash pollution when environmental health, we have adopted a national patent slag technology.

The reference photos of the tire and plastic recycling running machine factory:

refinry factory (2).jpg

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: 1*40HQ+1*40FR containers



Our Services

1. provide foundation drawings and factory layout.

2. customized machine available.

3. 1 year warranty period.

4. provide one year spare parts.

5. long term technology service.

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Zhangzhou QiYu Renewable Energy Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional design and manufacture of Pyrolysis Equipment member of the Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Enterprises. The company is located in Zhangzhou city Fujian Province. The nearest airport is Xiamen International Airport (ZSAM), it is about 56km away from our city. The nearest fast train station is Xiamen Railway Station and the nearest normal speed train station is Zhangzhou Railway Station. We are close to the Base Port --- Xiamen International Seaport.

The main products are Used Rubber and Plastic Pyrolysis Machine, Waste Oil Recycling Machine, the special refining catalysts and auxiliary materials, and also supplying full range of professional technical services including project planning to construction, layout, design and installation of pre-production for customers.

So far, the equipments have been sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, America and other regions.

The strength of our technology enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad, and in our customer groups produced good economic results.

And our company established a number of equipment products sales agents with foreign companies and achieved good economic benefits.  

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