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Waste rubber and plastic pyrolysis to fuel oil machine

Item No.: DL2270
Type: Horizontal rotation batch type
Capacity: 7 TPD
Warranty: 1 Year
Specification: 2200*7000*14mm
Product Details

1. Brief introduction of  waste tyres recycle machine:

Our tire recycle machine is mainly used to extract fuel oil, and it can not only use tire but can also use rubber and plastic as raw materials. You can put anything into the furnace as long as the content of the raw materials are rubber.

You can get different outputs when the raw materials are different.

A, If your raw material is plastic only, you can get only fuel oil; the extraction rate is 50-90%, the rate is depended on the plastic quality itself and the impurities content.

B, If it is rubber, you can get fuel oil, crude carbon black; the extraction rate is fuel Oil: 40-45%,carbon black: 35-40%.

C, In case you take tire as raw materials you can get the oil, steel wire and carbon black. The extraction rate will be fuel Oil: 40 - 45%, Steel: 15 - 20%, Crude carbon black: 30 - 35%.

Remark: The extracting rates here are based on tires, if the rubber or plastic content of your raw materials is higher, the oil extracting rate will be much higher relatively.

2. The usage of the outputs:

Fuel oil: Oil from this machine can be used as industrial fuel for burning, for example, in the boiler factory

Carbon black: Carbon black from this machine is crude. You can sell it to the brick factory as internal combustion or to the factory which need it as raw materials, such as shoe, tire, cable and sealant companies. Or making carbon briquette from crude carbon black and sell them as burning fuel. It has a very high heating value.

Steel wire: It can be sold to the iron and steel company directly to be recycled used.

3.Main parts of the equipment:

a. horizontal rotation cracking host processor.
b. pressure, temperature alarm system

c. atmolysis tower
d. oil-water-gas separator system

e. automatic slag system
f. central electronic control system
g. cooling system
h. gas heating system (exhaust gas treatment system)
i. smoke desulphurization and dust removal system


Our Services

1. this is an system with the catalyst tower system, if you have installed the machine without using the catalyst, and you want to improve the oil color and quality, the catalyt for testing is available, pls refer to us and give us the addressee, we will arrange the samples for you.

2. if you have your own requirement for the machine, we supply the customized service to provide the professional design.

3. installation instruction and supply professional  training for safe operation.

4. we supply 1 year warranty for the complete set of machine, and we supply the worn parts for one year use. we guarantee the reactor with 4 years life at least.

5.Long term technology support.


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