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Charging a few minutes to two hours flight unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) with hydrogen fuel cells

发表时间:2018-07-24 00:00

IntelDrone convention in the near future, global drones manufacturers have released many innovative products. Is one of the more interesting items FlightWave aerospace systems, and the intelligent Energy (Interlligent Energy) cooperation between companies have developed a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) Jupiter - H2. The highlight of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is bigger is the use of the hydrogen fuel cells, according to the battery of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can be greatly improved battery life, charging for several minutes will make uav flying for two hours.

The intelligent energy company for FlightWave's unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) developed by Jupiter - H2 hydrogen fuel cell, using the reverse reaction principle of electrolysis of water, for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) injection of high density energy. Currently widely used in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) lithium battery on average only about 20 minutes of battery life, FlightWave claimed that hydrogen fuel cell range increased to two hours, this is six times that of the general battery, charging but it only takes a few minutes of time can be completed, can be a surprise breakthrough.

In shape Jupite - H2 has 70 centimeters wide fuselage, rotor by equipped with a protective shell of four groups, driven itself weight of 1250 grams, are free to install cameras and sensors, and hydrogen fuel cell power supply. Jupite - H2 is not so far by the commercial use of hydrogen in the preceding paragraph unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), but it really is a very small volume of products, and is suitable for most applications. Standard on it with a battery jar 3 liters.

Jupite - H2 sale is expected to begin in early 2018, official price of $15000.


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